Hi there! I'm Carter Sterling, and I'm a photographer and an icon moderator here on Newgrounds. I hope you have a great day!

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Hey everybody! Honestly, I wanted to make an amazing, huge post about everything I've done this year, all the places I've traveled and the events I've photographed and just this wonderful post recapping my entire year. But then I decided nope! Because I know, for all the highs and all the low of this year, that next year is gonna be even better c:

But the honest-to-god truth is, I've loved this site for as long as I can remember, and recently? I haven't been on it as much as I've been wanting to - a mix of trying to prioritize myself, being away from my drawing tablet for months on end (although that's not an excuse!), and going through quite a few lows this year - and I'm not happy about that! I've been talking to such wonderful people in the community, knowing that I've been a part of the community - while forgetting to dip my toes into that very pool.

But, as with all things in life, we move forward! Which is exactly why I'm making this post! Because from now on, I'm gonna make a lot more of these dumb lil blogs on here (because it's honestly the most underutilized feature on this site, in my opinion!), and I'm gonna contribute to this website in any way I can! I've seen how incredibly talented people are on this site so don't expect too much of me in comparison lol, but I've always been of the mindset that any and every contribution has it's worth! I know my favorite contributions were always the ones lacking in skill, but with enough humor and heart to be something new.

Now, being that it's new years, I wanted to shout-out all the wonderful friends and people who have been a part of my year - or more! I honestly just want to shout-out all of my friends and acquaintances from anywhere in general, whether I've talked to ya much or not, because you're all so incredibly appreciated <3

Thank you for being you!

@luis @JohnnyUtah @AlmightyHans @PsychoGoldfish @Bishop @Wandaboy @TeraVex @VoicesByCorey @Jack @BrandyBuizel @Magibauble @nokoi @chipollo @Stradomyre @Stepford @heyopc @larrynachos @squidly @toma @LeviRamirez @The-Swain @Koibs @MrPakoMan @itsreddqueen @DemonRhythms @itsreddqueen @Pommisc @Oddlem @dungeonation @Xinxinix @SlickRamen @CorTat-G @Droid @ninjamuffin99 @plufmot @CootieGirl @Broly @StormyDew @Krinkels @Fro @panpikidaan @Potatoman @KOLANI @chromxtic @gatekid3 @Shal @meulinex @MadFLeX @mocobandit @Chdonga @devdwarf @ProsciuttoMan @Tiny @Bill @pollyanoid @BigTexasTony @RGPAnims @Chazdude @Syntrus @Toonsly @milkypossum @Malachy @spazgunk @marvazoid @Thriftman @Dry @MindChamber @Jacob @Just-a-ng-dummy @kastozx @RavioliBox @Matzerath @SomeApe @TappyWara @Linethickness @DrSevenSeizeMD @MicroBohin @Splootulu @TheDyingSun @poptaffy @arkoirisangel @Tappa0410 @CADAVER @DemonRhythms @BeefyThunder

And of course, to top it all off, thank you @TomFulp!

^ now, I'm sure I forgot whole lot of people and I apologize for that... and I'm also sure that a whole bunch of these people wont even see this! Funnily enough, I met quite a good amount of these people outside of Newgrounds (while still being inside the Newgrounds circle lol... I'm not entirely sure how to explain it!), and it's kinda funny to me that I've met and become friends and acquaintances with so many talented and incredible people - all by just being plain ol' me! Which is wonderful and I do feel so truly lucky, but it does give you a bit of imposter syndrome lol :P but that's just another reason to start creating and contributing in any way that I can!

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYBODY!! I hope you all have such an amazing days, and that you all have such incredible years deserving of yourselves. Outside of seeing everyone's the wonderful creations on the site (as well as creating myself), I for one am excited for all the meetups next year! There's 3 in specific that I'm particulary excited for, presuming they happen... and who knows! Maybe in 2024, I'll just host my own little Chicago meetup ;) we'll see!

But regardless, I hope you all have such a perfect new years! And if you don't want to hear it from me, hear it from BrenBot down in the NG chat. Thanks, BrenBot!


OH! And while I have ya, since this is a blog after all... I thought I'd share that I got a haircut after the last news post I made!


Whattaya think? I think it looks quite nice, if I do say so myself ;)

Happy New Years!! <3


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