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I love this so much! Duncan and Jones has been my favorite newer series on Newgrounds for a while, and this episode blows all the rest out of the park.
I can tell that more effort was put into it in terms of animation, and it shows. Everyone's work in this really shines through and you all did a wonderful job. I also really like the length of this episode, it doesn't go on for too long and it makes for an easy watch which is perfect for a show like this. It was also really fun watching this in the Tankmas ADVENTure 2020 game!
Overall, great work to everyone involved!

Snackers responds:

that shit means alot man, thanks

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Really fun game, I enjoyed it quite a lot! I'm always biased when it comes to silly games like this :P
The only reason I didn't give this a perfect score is because of the difficulty curve, it felt like level 11 and level 18 were especially hard and then the rest of the levels before and after that were way easier. I'm not saying you have to make those levels easier, I'm just saying you should make it so those levels and the levels that follow them feel like a natural process in terms of the difficult.
Overall though, wonderful job! Congrats on having your first uploaded game frontpaged!

First of all, I'm very happy that you were able to release this game on time and I can't wait for more games from you :D I really appreciate you asking me to be a beta-tester and it's cool to see all the stuff you added since I first played the 0.1 demo!

I'm gonna start with the things you should add first, so that I end off with the compliments.

First, I think you should add some of the stuff you say in the description (join the Discord for the manual, recommended for controller, local multiplayer only for right now unless you use Parsec, etc.) in the game somewhere. Maybe in the beginning or something. Secondly, and most importantly, you should DEFINITELY work on Keyboard controls because they're a bit confusing even with you telling me the controls in the description. I'm not able to use my controller right now, but I'll take your word that it plays much better.

Now for the good stuff! I'm very glad that you and WooDeeWoo were able to collab with the art, and I think the music and art style really fits with the game. It feels exactly like an old NES game, which is a huge compliment because many games that try to go for the NES style ultimately fall flat because they don't take into consideration the limitations. I think the NES has a bunch of hidden gems on it, and I could see this game being alongside them. It's also very impressive that you did the music, sprites, and the programming yourself.

Overall, I'm very proud of what you were able to create and I can't wait for you to make even more cool things! And I'm very glad that I was able to be a part of the game's creation :)

Gugura responds:

Thanks for the help man, I appreciate it

I would add info like how to play non-locally to the game, but I feel like it'd break the immersion of a game so dedicated to its aesthetic. And I was gonna include the manual to be accessible in-game but I didn't have the time lol

Keyboard controls are rough - originally they were going to be a lot better but I was having problems with numpad keys not working well so I changed it to what's implemented currently. These keyboard controls are definitely something I'm going to iterate on and try to make more intuitive but the game is first and foremost optimized around controller play.

I'm really glad that the NES style seems authentic. I did have to break the palette and sprite color count rules just to make the game more readable a few times but that's really good to hear that despite that it still feels of that era.

Thanks for the thoughtful review and helping me with testing the game before release, it means a lot and you can definitely look forwards to more projects like this from me in the future as well as updates to this game :)

One of the better dress up games I've played on here, the art is wonderful and the animations are probably the best I've seen in a dress up game. It's a pretty cute spinoff of Dead Estate and it did it's job well because I didn't even know Dead Estate was coming to Steam until now, so good job!

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Why is it pronounced "Emza" and not "Em-ZZZZa"???? 0 stars, amazing job. Episode 2 was better!

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I love how you drew Mac! Awesome job!!

DUMMYDINO responds:


Congrats on the frontpage bro!! You deserve it :D

KOLSAN responds:

Thank yooooou ;-;

I KNEW I recognized this, glad to hear I was right!
This piece of artwork is wonderful, simply put. The perspective really helps with this piece, and there's so many details and objects that spark your attention and make you want to keep looking.

Hobbyist photographer, animator, and icon mod here on Newgrounds.

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